Beauty Genius Support Page: FAQs

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    1) I’m having problems downloading the videos – how can I avoid this?

    Downloading the videos requires an Internet connection. The first time you select to watch each video it may take a little time to download. Please be patient. It will be saved to your iPhone/iTouch so you can watch it straight away wherever you are, even without an Internet connection.

    2) What are the new ‘Get The Look’ videos and when will they be available?

    Celebrity Get the Look videos and Catwalk Hair are two content packs which are available for every users when the download the app. There will be additional content packs within the app, which the user can then buy. Coming soon are Party Looks, Flawless Skin and Weddng.

    3) I’ve deleted one of the videos – how can I watch it again?

    If you delete a video or your iPhone/iTouch simply touch the video to download it again and it will be re-saved to your iPhone/iTouch.

    If your iPhone/iTouch is low on space you can delete individual videos to free–up space. When you want to watch the video again simply touch the video to download it again and it will be re-saved to your iPhone/iTouch. You can do this as many times as you like.

    4) How much do I have to pay for new content packs such as ‘Party Looks?

    Content packs will vary priced at either £1.19 or £0.59p, depending on the volume of content in each pack. The price will be clearly displayed along with content information before you commit to make a purchase.

    5) Is Beauty Genius available worldwide?

    Beauty Genius is available within the UK, US and Canadian I-tunes stores. To purchase the app you will need an account with one of these stores; regardless of your location.

    6) Is Beauty Genius available for iPad?

    Beauty Genius will be available for IPad in early 2011. This will come with additional functionality such as E-commerce and Geo-location functionality. More details to come in Dec 2010.

    7) I’ve submitted my look request – when/how will I know if the look is being created?

    We will email all users who have submitted requests, which we will incorporate into the app. They will be given a launch date for that particular content bundle.

    8) How can I purchase the products in my Make-Up Bag?

    On version 1.0, products can be purchased in all good beauty stockists on the high street. They cannot be purchased through the app. This functionality included in later version

    9) Where can I find out more about the hair and make-up artists featured in the videos?

    Within the ‘links’ channel (on the navigation bar) there will be links to the featured hair and make-up artist’s websites and social networking platforms.

    10) Are the recommended products tried and tested by Marie Claire?

    Yes, products used are tried and tested by both Marie Claire and the hair and make-up artist featured.

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