So, It Turns Out Ashley Madison Were Planning A ‘Rate Your Wife’ App… Yes, Really.

Oh dear. Things aren't getting any better for the beleaguered cheating site Ashley Madison.

It just keeps getting worse for website Ashley Madison.

In today’s ‘What Were They Thinking?’ news, reports suggest that back in 2013 the team behind the controversial site were in the process of building an app which they had named… Wait

for it… ’What’s Your Wife Worth?’.

Yes, really.

The app, which was in the process of being devised up until last year, would have allowed users

to post pictures of their wives and invite others to rate them on a

scale of 1 to 10 and also (well, frankly outrageously) let men put dollars on their favourites to literally highlight the woman-in-question’s worth. *…And cue a sigh from modern society as we’ve apparently gone back in time by centuries.*

Before the idea was canned entirely in 2014 due to devlopmental issues with it, leaked emails have also since shown that Ashley Madison’s CEO Noel Biderman and Avid Life Media’s VP of creative,

Brian Offenheim seemed to be pretty excited about the prospect of it in work emails, with Biederman describing mock ups of the app as

‘really good’. Well, at least it had two fans.

The revelation about the wife rating app comes just weeks after the website (which, lest we forget, has the immortal tagline ‘life is short, have an

affair’) fell victim to a massive cyber attack by the group The Impact

Team last month, with documents revealing the identities of its users

being released onto the ‘dark web.’

Whilst the dubious morality of the website has long-since garnered the site its share of critics, the hack has undoubtedly caused a

massive invasion of privacy in exposing a number of extra-martial affairs. And it is questionable as to whether or

not the site’s members actually deserved to have their private information leaked, in spite of the controversial circumstances.

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