What’s On Your Pre-Baby Bucket List?

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  • As we hurtle out of our twenties and start to whizz through our thirties, thoughts invariably turn to settling down and starting a family. But what goals, dreams and ambitions are on your pre-baby to-do list?

    We know that all is not lost when you have a baby, but things do change and that spontaneous, carefree fun of your twenties becomes a distant memory. With that in mind, we asked team Marie Claire what was on their pre-baby bucket list.

    Cassie Steer, Beauty & style editor: ‘I’d like to live in a tree house in Laurel Canyon in LA for a couple of years writing a children’s book and setting up an animal rescue centre whilst doing road trips up and down the coast a few times a year.’

    Natasha Wynarczyk, Features assistant: ‘I’d like to live in Berlin for a bit (maybe about three months, more of an extended partying holiday), go and see a football world cup final, have an American road trip and write a sitcom.’

    Fiona Raisbeck, Online style writer: ‘I want to do lots of animal-related expeditions, so work in a panda sanctuary in China and cage dive with Great White sharks in South Africa.’

    Rebecca Twomey, Online writer: ‘I want to travel through California and the rest of America in a convertible with the girls – Thelma and Louise style, without the ending.’

    Miranda McMinn, Associate editor: ‘I want to camp underneath the stars in the desert (any desert).’

    Lucia Debieux, Junior fashion editor: ‘I dream of travelling around the world for a year.’

    Olivia Cox, Beauty assistant: ‘I want to live in Dubai.’

    Suzannah Ramsdale, Online news editor: ‘My list is endless. I want to live abroad (preferably New York), travel the world, learn a language, write a book, swim with dolphins and own and do up a house.’

    We’d love to know what’s on your pre-baby bucket list? Let us know in the comment box below.

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