If your workmate does this they might be a psychopath


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Science recently revealed that having work friends will make you more successful, but what if you're work wife (or hubby) was actually a psychopath?

Surely you'd know right? You work with them roughly 8 hours a day and 5 days a week. Heck, you probably see them more than you do your other half and non-work friends.

Well, the Journal of Business and Ethics has identified a very quick and easy way to find out if your work BFF is a psychopath.

In a new study, recently published, it was revealed that if someone actually likes working under a horrible boss then they probably have psychopathic tendencies. Which kinda makes sense.

To conduct the research, two studies were carried out and found that psychopaths tend to thrive under abusive supervisors who are rude, have no sense for personal privacy and spread office gossip.

Dr Charlice Hurst has identified that psychopaths can be broken down into primary and secondary categories, but that both work better in abusive environments.

'People who score high in primary psychopathy lack empathy and are cool-headed and fearless. They don't react to things that cause other people to feel stressed, fearful or angry,' she said.

'Secondary psychopaths are more hot-headed and impulsive. We found that primary psychopaths benefit under abusive supervisors,' Charlice added.

'Relative to their peers low in primary psychopathy, they felt less anger and more engagement and positive emotions under abusive supervisors.'

So, there we have it. That's how you know.