This is the day most Brits will hand in their notice

Will you be handing your notice in?

Will you be handing your notice in?

If you're thinking about quitting your job then today is the day to do it, as 31st January has been found to be the day most Brits hand in their notice.

Yep, new research conducted by has looked into our work habits, and found that the end of the first month of the year is when most of us sack it in for ventures new.

Before you go running off to your boss with your resignation in hand, make sure to read our how to quit your job guide to ensure you do it properly, and also take a quick look at some of the stats found about how much your co-workers are really willing to spend on your goodbye gift.

Sure, you might think you and your closest work friends will (of course) stay in touch long after you've gone, but Leetchi's research found that us Brits only spend on average £11 on leaving gifts for co-workers.

It gets worse, 65% of Brits surveyed admitted to not contributing to gifts at all and 17% feel awkward when their office managers ask for donations.

Amongst the worst gifts people have been given is an envelope containing just five smarties (seriously?), one single bottle of beer (don't go too wild) and a butt plug (we think you're being told something here).

And when it comes to your leaving party? The average employer is only willing to spend £85 for the whole event.

So yeah, by all means resign today - just don't expect much when you leave!