MC Meets: Susie Richardson, the woman behind Virgin Media's Louder Lounge

As Head of Talent for PrettyGreen, Susie has a pretty exciting job!

Susie Richardson

As Head of Talent for PrettyGreen, Susie has a pretty exciting job!

Susie Richardson, 35, is Head of Talent for PrettyGreen, an independent brand communications agency with the likes of Virgin Media Louder Lounge, Cadbury and Red Bull on their clients list.

After studying French and Business at both Sheffield and Nice universities, Susie originally worked as a Press Officer for Macmillan Cancer Support, before working her way up to become Head of PR for the charity. She's been at PrettyGreen for just over a year, where she launched the talent and influencer division - a role that means hunting down celebrities and knowing exactly who's 'it' at any given moment. Oh, it's a hard life for some...

Hi Susie! So, what’s the hardest part of your job?

It varies. The team and I are working around the clock to meet last minute requests. It’s always pretty hectic in the last remaining weeks before an event, but I’m really excited to see it all come to fruition.

What has been your highlight so far?

Cheering Usain Bolt on at the Commonwealth Games with his family was pretty cool…

What advice would you give to someone starting out in this field?

Meet and talk to as many people as you can and wherever you. And follow these three important rules; remember your manners, always get back to people (even if you’ve got bad news), and treat everybody with respect.

I’ve worked on thousands of projects over the years but these three rules have become a mantra for me.

How many festivals have you been to in your lifetime, and what’s your favourite memory?

I’ve been to too many to remember! My best memory however was probably being in a pit for David Bowie at the Isle of Wight festival in 2004. It was completely mind-blowing.

Can you describe your most surreal festival moment?

Another Isle of Wight gem, but it was probably The Rolling Stones in 2007. I somehow ended up being invited to their little family party at the pub backstage. It was like Madame Tussaud’s with Ronnie in the conservatory, Amy Winehouse at the bar, Pete Doherty in the garden and Kate Moss in the loo. We had a lovely afternoon, then waved Ronnie of to the stage, and then went out to watch The Stones perform with an Amy Winehouse cameo. It was amazing.

What is the ultimate festival rookie mistake?

Peaking too soon. It’s a marathon, not a sprint!

What do you wear when you’re working on site?

Jeans, top, kimono, sunnies, sunscreen, about three phones and an earpiece!

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