Little Miss Geek Event Gets Girls Interested In Technology

Wearable Technology workshop brings fashion and technology together to encourage girls to be tech pioneers

Little Miss Geek
(Image credit: Little Miss Geek)

Wearable Technology workshop brings fashion and technology together to encourage girls to be tech pioneers

A unique event was held in a South London school yesterday to encourage more girls to get into technology-based careers, as well as celebrate the annual Girls in ITC Day.

The workshops, hosted by Lady Geek at St Saviour's and St Olave's School in Elephant & Castle, looked to bring together fashion and technology in order to inspire girls to become tech pioneers.

At the event, sponsored by Dell and Microsoft, students heard from speakers from the British Fashion Council as well as designer Francesca Rosella, whose designs have been worn by Katy Perry. They were also given the chance to tweet at an innovative 'Twitter dress' worn by Nicole Scherzinger - which displayed her fan's tweets on the red carpet in real time, as well as come up with their own circuit t-shirt and sunglasses designs.

Lady Geek's Little Miss Geek campaign aims to inspire the next generation of women to become technology pioneers. Founder Belinda Parmar said: 'We want to encourage girls to make technologically-advanced fashion designs.

'Technology touches every part of our lives and is becoming increasingly prevalent in fashion in terms of fabric and design. We felt it was a great starting point to spark excitement.'

The girls also heard encouraging words from Microsoft's Charu Desodt, who said despite the fact men didn't think women could operate tech when she was starting out developing games for Sony it's very different now.

'Go into tech as a girl and you're going to become very sought after', she said.

'These sorts of designs display technology in a really interesting way. What the integration between fashion and technology should do is help people to navigate their lives, in the same way smart watches do. It should make things easier - that's what we want to inspire girls to do', Parmar added.

Parmar's book 'Little Miss Geek - Bridging The Gap Between Girls And Technology' is out now. Follow Lady Geek on Twitter @ladygeek.



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