Five career lessons you can only learn from your intern

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  • Yes, they might sign off their emails with emojis and narrate every waking moment through Snapchat, but interns also teach you a thing or two...

    This year, ‘Generation Z’ hits the workplace. Their immersion in the world of technology makes them the most psychologically different generation in decades – and great teachers for the rest of us…


    1. Become a social-media pro

    Instagram and Twitter aren’t just for selfies or seeing what Kylie Jenner’s been up to. Use 
them to promote your business, see what your competitors are doing and keep up to date on industry news. Think subscription lists on Twitter and scheduling your output on Facebook.

    2. Think outside the box

    If you’re stuck on a problem, bogged down in meetings or sick of procedures that take up 
half your day, there’s a strong likelihood your 
intern will know how to cut your to-do list down 
to 0.5 seconds using an app on their phone.

    3. Gain perspective

    This generation was raised through 9/11, the war 
in Iraq and the recession. In fact, it’s thought 
they’ve seen more world conflict and negativity in childhood than any of us. This means they’re way more calm in times of crisis.

    4. Be cool

    Still telling people that their eyebrows are ‘on fleek’? Don’t. Nobody says that any more. If your business wants to appeal to a younger audience, who better to ask about the latest acronyms and slang words than the young people using them?

    5. Get their advice

    Your intern will have their fingers on the pulse when it comes to the hottest new openings. If you want to impress a new client by looking like you are down with the kids, pick your intern’s brain first.

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