What Is Your Dream Job?

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  • Team MC shares the dream jobs they would have chosen in another life

    When we’re young we get prompted on a regular basis to conjure up – from the depths of our wildest imaginations – our dream jobs. So we dig down and think up the most amazing job we can think of. An astronaut; a politician; a movie star. Anyone fancy being a perfumer? Coming up with delicious scents like the new Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream scent we’re currently obsessed with, and getting paid for it? Amazing.

    Ok, so some of those jobs may seem a bit unlikely a few years on, but we know those aspirations are still there, buried somewhere.

    So we asked team MC what their dream jobs would have been in another life. In this one, we all ended up at Marie Claire. You certainly won’t see any of us complaining about that, but hey, a girl can still dream…

    Suzannah Ramsdale, Digital Features Editor: ‘Dancer. I have no discernible talent or rhythm but, boy, do I wish I could be up on stage shaking it next to someone like Beyoncé every night. Sigh.’

    Caroline Leaper, Junior Editor MarieClaire.co.uk, Marie Claire Runway: ‘Bakery owner, why wouldn’t you?’

    Nicola Moyne, Deputy Chief Sub-Editor: ‘A ballerina or a marine biologist!’

    Grace Smitham, Fashion Assistant: ‘A criminal profiler, just because I’d find it interesting to get inside the minds of those people.’

    Alix Rentsch, Beauty Assistant: ‘A ballerina because my mum was one, and I always wanted to be like her’

    Eleanor Young, Deputy Digital Group Editor: ‘In the past it’s been everything from interior designer to wedding planner – and even royal wardrobe assistant! If I really could have any job in the world, I’d be a film director. Maybe one day…’

    There are SO many amazing jobs we still dream about. Imagine being the one who decided that the notes of blackberry, jasmine, white woods and musk in Daisy Dream would create such an amazing scent?

    Want to share your dream job? Tell us in the comments box below, or create your own dream capsule at marcjacobsfragrances.com and share it using the hashtag, #MJDaisyDream. 

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