Ben & Jerry’s To Host Ethical Business Events In London

Series of events will feature entrepreneurs such Martha Lane Fox and Jo Fairley

Ben & Jerry's
(Image credit: Ben & Jerry's)

Series of events will feature entrepreneurs such Martha Lane Fox and Jo Fairley

Ice cream pioneer Ben & Jerry’s is hosting ‘Sundae School’ - a series of events around London that aim to encourage people to develop ethical businesses.

There are three free events happening in April, May and June, where leading entrepreneurs from various successful ethical businesses, including Martha Lane Fox and Jo Fairley, will speak to guests and divulge their secrets to success.

The events will take place in London at Soho’s Century Club, East London’s Rich Mix and The Book Club in Shoreditch. They are:

-Thursday 25th April: ‘Food’ Featuring talks by Jo Fairley (co-founder of Green & Blacks), and Renee Elliott (Planet Organic). -Tuesday 14th May: ‘Digital’ With a talk by Martha Lane Fox (

-Monday 3rd June: ‘Fashion & Beauty’ Including talks by Liz Earle (founder of Liz Earle Cosmetics), and Safia Minney (People Tree). Jerry Greenfield, of Ben & Jerry’s fame, said:'"Sundae School identifies and celebrates entrepreneurs who understand that business can change the world for the better, and we hope that sharing those ambitions will inspire future entrepreneurs to make a greater impact on society.'

Ben & Jerry’s have been committed to making ice cream ethically since they started in 1978.

You can book your free ticket now here.


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