This is the cutest commuter story we've ever heard

This proposal had us in tears

This proposal had us in tears

Train stations and their announcement boards are normally not the combination of dreams.

We're all too used to looking up and seeing that our train home is delayed, or at worst, cancelled.

So, no, we don't usually hold out much hope that glancing up at a train time board is going to be anything other than infuriating or at best, unexciting.

But, last night, revellers around Glasgow train station saw a special piece of information displayed on the screen - and we just can't deal. Who knew a train station would be an Instagrammable place to propose?

A man called Craig relayed a special message at Glasgow Central Station reading: 'Linsay, We met here on our first date exactly three years ago. Tonight I am asking you to make these happy times go on forever... Will you marry me...? Craig'


Way to improve that Monday evening rush hour huh? This officially beats even some of the sweetest celebrity proposals or quotes from celebrity men on proposing.

Congratulations you two and thank you for making the nation believe that love is alive again.

Delphine Chui