7 Wedding Etiquette Tips – By A Professional Bridesmaid

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  • Been a bridesmaid so many times you secretly reckon you should start charging for it? Meet Jen Glantz - the world's first 'professional bridesmaid', and our wedding etiquette expert

    Well-done! You’ve scored yourself an invite to fork down some expensive grub and bust out your repertoire of dance moves at someone else’s wedding. So whether it’s for a friend you’ve been rubbing elbows with since Year Two, a family member whose DNA you’re lucky enough to share, a co-worker you happy-hour hop with at 5pm or you’re just a lucky guy’s plus one (and can’t even remember the name of the bride), ‘professional bridesmaid’ Jen Glantz has just a couple of things you should make sure you remember before you show up to the big day.

    1.Don’t arrive empty handed
    ‘And I’m not just talking about making sure you’re armed with your favorite bedazzled clutch. When you’re a guest at the bridal shower, hen party and the wedding day, make sure you bring a gift with you. Whether it’s something handmade, off the registry, or cash out of your savings account, you’ll want to bring a little something to help celebrate the happy couple.’

    2.Plus one and done
    ‘If your wedding invitation says you get to bring a plus-one, that means you won’t have to be stuck dancing with someone’s 80-year-old great uncle or find yourself stuck at the single’s table, smooching the glassware of your loyal cocktail. But remember, you’re responsible for them. So make you keep an eye on how much beer they’re chugging so that they don’t pass out at table number 10 or start taking their shirt off on the dance floor.’

    3.Unplug during the ceremony
    ‘When the bride and the groom are ramping up to say their “I Dos”, switch your phone on silent and stick it in your purse. You’ll have plenty of time to snap selfies and thumb through the designated wedding hashtag on Instagram during the reception.’

    ‘When the invitation sweeps into your mailbox, try to get your RSVP to the postbox and send it back as soon as you can. Especially if your response is the big N-O! That way, the couple can get a better hold on their final number count.’

    5.Saying ‘I do’ might mean ‘I don’t do anything
    ‘When you accept the role of being a bridesmaid, it’s important to remember that your duties scale far beyond just walking down the aisle and wearing a chiffon dress. So be there for the bride and support her in ways you would a BFF.’

    6.Anything goes…but wearing white
    ‘Feel free to wear a funky little outfit to the wedding that expresses your personality. But when you’re sorting through the dresses in your closet, skip over the white and ivory ones. That colour is on reserve for the bride and the bride only!’

    7.Love is the dance floor
    ‘Though weddings can be stressful and a little bit expensive for the bride and the groom and the guests, remember in the end, it’s a party. So feel free to make the dance floor your home for the night.’

    Jen Glantz is a “Professional Bridesmaid” and the founder of Bridesmaid for Hire. She’s the author of All My Friends Are Engaged and frequently wears old bridesmaid dresses to the grocery store. And on first dates.

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