This is why you should never leave valuables in a hotel room safe

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    Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

    The summer is here, and while the weather continues to change its mind in the UK millions of Brits are heading off on holiday. Whether it’s in search of the world’s most amazing pools, or a solo journey for your own personal development, we’re more than ready for a few weeks away from the office.

    But while you’ve remembered to pack your passport, change up your money and research the best bars in the city, you might not have thought about how safe your hotel room safe actually is.

    However, considering just how easy it is to break into them it’s definitely something that should be on your mind.

    Of course, whilst out and about doing the usual touristy trips you’re probably inclined to leave your most precious and valuable items in the safe provided – but one YouTuber has proved just how easy they are to break into, and it will make you question using one ever again.

    In his video, Brad Reid explains that he once called the hotel reception for help when he had forgotten the password to his safe. Instead of sending someone up with a master key or special knowledge to unlock it, he was informed that by simply resetting the machine with the code 000000, the safe would open.


    Although not every hotel will use this machine or method of unlocking, Brad advises that you always check the safe before you decide to lock anything in it – and maybe try the six zeros trick before you shoot off with all your worldly possessions tucked neatly away inside.

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