Selfies Have Killed More People Than Sharks. Guys, Can We Please Be A Bit More Careful?

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  • Selfies are fun but not worth dying over, are they?

    No-one should lose their life in the pursuit of a half decent picture of themselves at the Sydney Opera House or getting too close to wild animals.

    And yet this year more people have died trying to take selfies than have been attacked by sharks.

    Last week, a 66-year-old Japanese tourist died while trying to take a selfie at the Taj Mahal when he took a fatal fall down some stairs.

    He’s the twelfth individual reported to die trying to take a snap of themselves this year, compared to the eight people killed by sharks according to Mashable.

    While most of us have a good old laugh at those individuals carting selfie sticks around the Grand Canyon and the Rugby World Cup, these figures are a stark reminder of just how dangerous phones can be.

    Earlier this month, a young man in the US accidentally shot himself trying to take a selfie of himself with a gun.

    Russia has attempted to encourage ‘selfie safety’ with a handy guide when not to get too engrossed in taking your own picture. Highlights include when posing with wild animals, while falling down a mountain and when the boat you’re in is capsizing.

    The guide was made after a series of young people in Russia were fatally injured in pursuit of the perfect selfie, including two young men who posed with a live grenade – with the pin pulled out.

    Hopefully common sense will prevail but until then, be careful okay guys?

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