10 amazing jobs that will make you want to hand in your notice immediately

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    If you’re looking out of the window at the drizzly grey weather and thinking that there’s got to be a better way to live, then we might have the answer for you. Ticket website Florida Tix, has discovered the best jobs from around world.

    It’s basically a list of the jobs you’d have said you wanted when you were six, but they actually exist. We take no responsibility if, after reading this, you decide to jack your job in and move to California…

    Disney Princess
    Okay, so you can’t get a job living in a castle, having birds to get you dressed and taking hundred-year long naps. But if you want to be a Disney princess, and you fit some pretty strict criteria, you can make a career out of wearing a ball gown and making small children’s day. You’ll have to be a size 10 to be a princess, and between 4”11 and 5”2 to be a fairy, and it helps if you’ve got a background in acting and singing. Plus, you’ll need to be okay with being touched by a lot of over excited (probably sticky) children.

    Chocolate Taster
    Yes, that’s actually a job. It’s based in Switzerland and pays £35,000 a year. You’ll need to have a ‘cultured pallate’ (so no more super hot curry) and be a non-smoker, because smoking damages your taste buds. But ditching the spicy food and fags seems like a pretty small sacrifice to make to spend the rest of your career eating chocolate.

    Lego Sculpter
    For £8.20 an hour, you can literally spend your whole time living in Denmark and playing with Lego. Lego Sculpters work on projects of all different scales and types. You’ll need a design background, seriously good concentration and of course an enthusiasm for tiny brightly coloured bricks.

    Rollercoaster Technician
    You’ll need a pretty technical background for this one, but with the right skill set you can make a working in a Florida theme park into a career. The tick-list is pretty specific, requiring an analytical mind and a BA in structural and mechanical engineering. Which is definitely a good thing, given that you’d be in charge of making sure roller-coasters are safe.

    Waterslide Tester
    Based in Dubai (oh hi, year-round sunshine), you can make £20,000 a year as a waterslide tester. The only requirements are that you’re a thrill seeker, that you’re good at clearly conveying your opinions, and that you enjoy travel. Presumably, they’ll also need you to be able to swim.

    Island Keeper
    Unbelievably, you can get paid a whopping £78,000 a year for looking after an island in paradise. You’ll need to be able to swim and snorkel, get on with the locals and cope with living off the grid. Which is a pretty reasonable list of requirements to get paid the better part of 100k .

    Icecream Taster
    If you’ve got a BA in dairy science or food tec, then you could make a sweet £41,000 living in Italy and tasting ice-cream all day. You’ll also need ‘healthy taste buds’ and good quality control. It’ll probably help if you’re not lactose intolerant, too.

    Scuba Instructor
    One for the water babies. There’s a fair bit of training involved, with a PADI qualification required, as well as first aid. But after training and qualifying you can work pretty much anywhere in the world, and spend your days checking out the incredible wildlife below the waves. Instructors in the Caribbean, for example, make £27,500 a year.

    Toy Designer
    Probably the job that any five year-old will tell you they want when they grow up. You’d be based in California and the products might be child’s play, but the job spec is actually quite tough. You’ll need a degree in design, top notch drawing skills and an amazing imagination, but you could make £40,000 designing toys.

    Dog Surfing Coach
    It’s not just people who enjoy catching a wave. In California (where else?) you can work as a dog surfing coach. Yes, that’s exactly as bonkers as it sounds. Obviously you’ll need to love dogs, and you’ll need to be SGA/ISA checked, and being able to surf is a bit of a bonus, but if you tick those boxes? You could charge £51 an hour for teaching dogs to surf.

    So there you go. Most of the things that you wanted to be when you grew up, are totally still an option.

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