You can now check your full Uber ratings history to see how many one star reviews you have

Prepare yourself.

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If you haven't got a flawless 5 star Uber rating, you're not alone. Does anyone?! There could be a number of reasons why your driver gave you a less than impressive review on the taxi app - whether it's because you left them waiting, or spent the trip drunkenly sharing every detail of your break-up. Either way, very few people can say they've been perfect passengers every single ride. 

And while each user is assigned an average rating which they can see at the top of their profile, we've not been able to see just how many one star ratings we've clocked up in our Uber-using lifetimes

But now you can - if you dare...

How can I check my ratings on Uber?

If you're keen to see how you fare as a Uber customer, you can go into the app and see just how many one, two, three, four or five star ratings you have. 

How to find all your Uber ratings

  • Open the Uber app and head to account
  • Go to settings and scroll down to privacy
  • Click on the privacy centre banner
  • Under the 'Your data and privacy' heading, click 'see summary' where it asks if you would like to see a summary of how you use Uber
  • Here, it will tell you how long you've been using the app, how many trips you've taken and your rider rating
  • Scroll down to ratings, click 'view my ratings' and you'll find the breakdown of your star quality 

The revelation has caused quite a stir online, with users outraged by a handful of one star reviews dragging them away from a perfect score. 

However, there's no way of telling who dished out any less favourable scores, or why they have - so best not to dwell on it if the majority of your ratings are excellent. 

Maybe just avoid demanding the Spice Girls at top volume on your way home this weekend. 

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