10 types of friend every girl has in her life

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  • For better or worse, we love them all…

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    You and you mates might be like chalk and cheese, but that’s the beauty of it – from the one who’s always late, to the Crossfit obsessive, there’s room for everyone. Here are ten types of pal you’ll definitely be familiar with.

    The TMI one

    Five minutes after your first meeting you knew her favourite sex position, how heavy her periods are, plus her full relationship history. ‘Over-sharing’ is just not in her vocab.

    The walking disaster

    The only person you know to have missed a flight ‘cos she went to the wrong airport/fallen down an escalator/vomited in her date’s lap. She’s on first name terms with everyone at her local A&E.

    The one who always knows what to say

    Bad break-up? Didn’t get the job? Dream dress out of stock in your size? She’s the one you always turn to for comfort and advice.

    The gossip

    She’s the first to know who’s sleeping with who, and loves to share her intel. You pretend to be above it all but secretly love the juicy deets

    The one who’s always first on the dance floor

    You need a few drinks to oil you up but she’s straight on the dance floor. Even when it’s empty. At 5pm.

    The fitness freak

    She drinks mocktails, never misses a gym sesh, and is always training for something or other. It’s baffling.

    The one who looks good in everything

    She’s got a figure to die for and could make a supermarket uniform look stylish, but you don’t resent her ‘cos you love her.

    The one who never listens

    You’ll have a super long conversation with her about something, but the next time you bring it up? She won’t remember a thing. Infuriating.

    The one who ALWAYS needs to borrow money

    We all know the one. She spends her wages as soon as she gets them and conveniently ‘forgets’ her purse when you go out to dinner. *eye roll*

    The sassy one

    Challenge her to anything and she’ll accept. She’s got guts and she doesn’t go down without a fight. We should all be more like her. Period.

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