Your need-to-knows about this weekend's Sustainability Show, including must-attend panels and workshops

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The Sustainability Show 2023 in Manchester
(Image credit: The Sustainability Show)

In case you missed it: The Sustainability Show is back for another year of stimulating panel talks with leading experts in the world of sustainability. 

If you haven't heard of it before, it's a whole weekend dedicated to showcasing sustainable living, championing eco-friendly brands, and platforming leading ethical experts. 

As the official media partner, Marie Claire UK will be hosting two panels over the course of the weekend. Our Editor-in-Chief Andrea Thompson and Sustainability Editor Ally Head will be leading conversations about how to use your voice to create an impact and how to look good without harming the planet.

Other panellists include sustainable fashion journalist Sophie Benson, photographer and Strictly winner Hamza Yassin, and low-waste chef Max La Manna. 

The show will also be hosting a whole heap of interactive events including a mindfulness session with Jarvis Smith, a Drop-In Bike maintenance session and a how-to drink without giving the world a hangover session, too. 

Keep scrolling for everything you need to know about the event this year, plus how to secure your free tickets. 

When is the Sustainability Show 2023? 

Good question. Taking place this Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th of July, The Sustainability Show will be held in Manchester Central this year.

The first iteration of the show launched in London last October. 

Who will be at The Sustainability Show? 

A whole host of well-known sustainability experts, including:

  • Max La Manna, low-waste chef
  • John Robb, author, musician, and TV presenter 
  • Dale Vince, founder of Ecotricity
  • Georgina Wilson-Powell, sustainability expert and author
  • Alex Crumbie, writer
  • Sophie Benson, sustainable fashion journalist
  • Hamza Yassin, photographer and Strictly winner.

Max La Manna speaker at The Sustainability Show 2023

Max La Manna will be speaking at The Sustainability Show 2023 

(Image credit: The Sustainability Show)

Plus plenty more. You can see the whole list of speakers at the Sustainability Show website here.

What panels will Marie Claire UK be hosting?

Our Editor-In-Chief Andrea Thompson will be hosting a panel focused on how to use your voice to create an impact on Saturday 8th July. She'll be joined by thought leader and media entrepreneur Jarvis Smith and discussing what we can all do, locally and as a nation, to influence the climate emergency. 

Come Sunday 9th, Sustainability Editor Ally Head will be hosting a panel discussing how to look good with less impact. Joined by a roster of fashion experts, they'll be exploring top tips for how to shop secondhand, why sharing is caring, the best ways to DIY and upcycle, and the many benefits of renting. 

What brands will I be able to discover?

Keen to explore sustainable brands in person, meet the founders, and chat about eco-friendly living with others genuinely doing their bit for both people and planet? 

The Sustainability Show is great for exactly that, connecting you the consumer with passionate and innovative founders. 

On both days, there's loads on offer - from booking in for a test drive in a Tesla to testing eco-friendly jewellery, beauty products, clothes and more. View the whole list of show retailers here.

How to book tickets? 

Tickets for both days are free, but very limited so you need to book quick. You can find the tickets at the Eventbrite link here.

Enjoy and see you there!

Dionne Brighton

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