Over 2 million people use their work phones to hide an affair

Totally NSFW

Just recently it came to light (pun intended) that one in 11 people are having sex at work, with 11% of of those who took part in the survey carried out by Yellow Octopus admitting that they have sex with a co-worker.

Fear not though, if you’re not having sex at work then there’s a high chance you’re attending to business yourself as 39% of people have admitted to masturbating in the work place.

So given the above it makes sense that a lot of people use their work devices to seek inspiration for a bit self loving whilst on the clock, a staggering 1.5 million Brits to be exact.

Yep according to new research conducted by mobile phone insure Insurance2go, 65% of us use our work smartphones, tablets or laptops for pornographic purposes.

What’s more, 1.3 million of us also use of work phones to send sext messages and a further 850,000 Brits take, store and send nude photos on work devices.

As well as using our work phones for self-pleasure, a shocking 2.3 million people have admitted to use their work devices in order to cheat on their partners.

Of those 2.3 million, the most unfaithful workers were based in Scotland – with one in 10 Glaswegians admitted to using their work phone to send explicit texts.

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