It's Official: This Is The Most Creative Chat-Up Line Ever

We would definitely have had a coffee with him

Whatsapp Love Letter Library

We would definitely have had a coffee with him

In the world of Tinder, online dating and guys like this, it can be hard to remember that love at first sight really exists. But really - it does. At least in the library at the University of Southampton.

Twitter user Naomi Lucking was working away, minding her own business, when she was approached by a fellow student who wanted to ask her on a date.

But instead of approaching one of her friends or frantically scrolling through Tinder trying to find her, the as-yet unnamed student sent her a creative note instead.

Men of the world, pay attention:

Unfortunately, despite the man's incredible originality and admirable bravery, Naomi revealed on Twitter that rather than commending him she 'just laughed and said "actually he's 6 ft 3", he looked so crushed'.


We fully applaud this man's creativity - and we think more men should become Whatsapp artists.

Would you have gone for a coffee with this Casanova? Let us know @marieclaireuk

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