The 7 Ultimate First Date Turn-Offs: Be Prepared To Shudder

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  • First dates can turn even the most confident of guys into nervous wrecks. But, while we may be able to excuse a slightly sweaty brow, there are some dating sins that even the most understanding among us can’t forgive.

    People who constantly check their phone, get too touchy-feely, don’t offer to split the bill, talk about an ex and ask too many interview-style questions (no one wants to be interrogated, do they?): these are the ultimate first date turn-offs, according to new research from dating service True View.

    A quick poll around the office revealed the following first date deal-breakers. What’s your ultimate dating no-go?

    ‘Looking at other girls and commenting on their good looks (this has happened), not having enough money to cover a round (this has also happened) and not drinking (I hate to be judgmental but…this has also happened)’ – Martha, Entertainment Editor

    ‘Wearing trainers with a suit. Never acceptable. Even if you have just cycled from the office.’ – Suzannah, Online Features Editor

    ‘Bad table manners and being rude to waiters. Oh, and calling me the wrong name!’ – Chloe, Fashion Features Assistant

    ‘Years ago I went on a date with a guy who had the worst table manners ever – talking with his mouth wide open and full of food, and holding his cutlery like a pencil. Before the food came to the table he took his chewing gum out of his mouth and stuck it to the cement bit in the brickwork wall next to his chair – absolutely hideous!’ – Kate, Senior Marketing Executive

    ‘Suggestion to meet outside a football ground post match.’ – Tessa, Bookings Editor

    ‘There is nothing worse than a guy being over-affectionate and clingy on the first date, particularly if you don’t know them very well. I was set up with a mutual friend who I’d never met, and while we were getting on well, I wasn’t feeling a spark. So imagine how awkward I felt when he decided it would be cute to hold my hand. I found myself wishing my dress had pockets so I didn’t have to stroll along romantically with this man I barely knew. I think even if he’d been Ryan Gosling, my hand would still have been sweating with embarrassment and awkwardness.’ – Rebecca, Online News Editor

    ‘Someone constantly checking their phone. Especially at the dinner table. A definite no-no’. – Eleanor, Deputy Online Editor

    We are dying to know what your ultimate first date turn off is? Let us know in the comment box below.

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