Women voted on the sexiest part of a man’s body and this is it

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  • It's probably not what you're thinking

    When it comes to what women find sexiest about the male body, we can all probably guess what most guys would say.

    So they may be surprised by the results of a recent survey carried out by The Wing Girl Method, which asked over 1,000 women what they found most attractive about the male body.

    Although there was no definitive answer, not one woman mentioned the penis as the attribute they find sexiest about the male body (sorry fellas, but it serves its job well).

    ‘Most women don’t find a penis that sexy, or at least not to be one of the sexiest parts of a man,” explains Mari Kinrys, owner of The Wing Girl Method. “It sexy when it’s inside of us, but a penis on it’s own, when not coupled with pleasure, is just a penis,” she adds.

    Instead, women voted for a guy’s chest, hands and bum as parts of the male body they found most attractive. Alongside physical traits, women also voted highly for being attracted to a man’s mind and wit.

    The main conclusion here? Women tend to dig a little deeper than a man’s superficial features, and are often more attracted to attributes such as a guy’s personality.

    ‘Women don’t just focus on the physical parts of a man, they look at the whole package,’ explains Kinrys. ‘Any part of a man can be sexy to a woman, both inside and out.’

    Kinrys launched The Wing Girl Method as a way to help teach ‘the nice guy’ everything they need to know in order ‘to attract, date and get’ any girl they want.

    So what is her advice to these men, following the revelations of this survey? ‘Choose a part, focus on it and then crush it with that part.’

    ‘If you know your eyes are considered super dreamy then play them up, make eye contact and learn little moves and things, like wearing certain colours that bring out your eyes,’ she explains. ‘If you know that women love the way you think then talk about the way you think, and ask her what she is thinking and then have thoughts on how she thinks.

    Groundbreaking stuff.

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