How to have a good date – even if you don’t fancy them

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  • So he's clearly not the one, here's how to have fun on your night out anyway.

    You’ve been single for months, and you’re running low on romantic steam. Charly Lester, founder of the UK Dating Awards, explains how to enjoy your night out – even if it’s not with ‘the one’.

    Treat every date like an opportunity. Don’t just go back to the same bar three nights a week – find an activity you want to do. That way, you’ll have a new experience.

    Swap face-to-face for side-by-side. Sitting opposite one another over a meal (or few drinks) can be intense. Instead, opt for an activity that involves walking alongside one another, with things to look at or do.

    Remember each date is a story. But at the same time, you’re an adult – if you want to leave, you can leave. There’s no point making yourself miserable for the sake of it – just explain nicely that you don’t think things are going to work out, then say your goodbyes.

    Don’t force it.
    If you’re broke and feeling stressed about the toll single life is taking on your finances, take time out until you next get paid. A couple of weeks out of the game doesn’t mean you’ll be single forever – it just means you’ll have time to focus on yourself and remind yourself what you’re actually looking for.

    Dating should be empowering.
    It’s a chance to meet new people, go to new places and have conversations that you’ve never had – it shouldn’t be a chore. If you find yourself psyching yourself up to go out, cancel. If you go on a date feeling low, you’re unlikely to shine – meaning it’s unlikely to work out, and could end up making you feel worse.

    Don’t mope.
    On nights when you’d otherwise be dating, meet up with some girlfriends to remember how awesome you are. Apply this rule if you’ve recently come out of a relationship, too. That way, when you do start dating again, you’ll be in a much more confident place.

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