How good are you at being in a relationship?

We did surprisingly badly

Relationship sex loses its gloss after one year
Relationship sex loses its gloss after one year

We did surprisingly badly

An academic has come up with a quiz to test how good you are at being in a relationship.

Dr Ben Ambridge of the University of Liverpool has written a book titled Psy-Q: A mind bending miscellany of everyday psychology. The book explores all the nuances of psychology and how humans become attracted to each other, but obviously we're mostly interested in the quiz.

The five questions that Dr Ambridge ask are:

1) Do you pay attention to detail?

2) Get chores done straight away?

3) Like order?

4) Follow a schedule?

5) Ensure you are always well prepared?

You're supposed to rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 5 for each one, 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest, and then tally up your numbers.

We scored a 16 which sounded pretty respectable, but Dr Ambridge quickly took the wind out of our sails on that one. Ideally you want to score between 21 and 25, which is a score that demonstrates conscientiousness, which is apparently what people look for in a partner. A score lower than 16 means that you don't have your life together. So that's fun.

Whilst we'd always assumed that long legs, being great in bed and being hilariously funny were the big things people looked for when they started dating, but Dr Ben doesn't think so. He told The Guardian: 'Ultimately most of us want a partner who will keep their promises, do their share of the household chores, remember birthdays and anniversaries, not cheat on us and forgive us if we cheat on them – all characteristics of conscientious people, and predictors of relationship satisfaction.'

In conclusion: if you don't want to die alone, start doing your laundry.

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