Government confirms that sex with someone in another household will still be banned after lockdown

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There are many perks to being single, but it doesn't come without irks too - there are so many ridiculous dating trends nowadays it's hard to keep up, and it actually costs you more to fly solo every year than your loved-up counterparts.

And if you're not in a relationship during a pandemic, there's even more unwelcome news: this week the government confirmed that sex with someone who is not in your household will still be banned when the national lockdown ends on December 2nd.

During a press conference from Downing Street yesterday, Health Secretary Matt Hancock revealed that despite strict measures lifting this week, the so-called 'sex ban' remains firmly in place.

When asked about the rules by a member of the public, Mr Hancock said individuals must adhere to the rules set out on the official government website dependent on which tier they fall into, adding: 'The rules about exactly what is permitted in each of the tiers is on the website.

'I start my answer with that because for everybody watching if you're in a specific situation, then the best thing to do is to go and look precisely at the rules.'

It also means that couples who don't live together may only see each other outdoors under Tier 2 regulations.

He continued: 'The general rule for those who are in Tier 2 is that the rule of six applies outdoors, including for instance in a private garden, but indoors you should only be mixing with people who are in your own household.'

There goes a month's worth of Hinge grafting.

Jadie Troy-Pryde
News Editor

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