This is why being single is actually costing you thousands

Oh, yay.

Oh, yay.

Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

In today's economic climate, it's hardly surprising that being in a relationship is going to work out better for you financially. Splitting the cost of a house deposit/car/takeaway is going to leave you quids in compared to doing it on your own.

But what about the singletons? You know, those of us who are apparently unlovable because our phone screen is cracked? The ones forking out for many a failed Tinder date and getting first-hand experience of zombieing from the only guy who didn't seem like a weirdo?

How much is being a lone ranger affecting our bank balance? Well, a lot more than you might have initially thought, actually. Singles are supposedly spending around £6,000 a year more than our loved-up counterparts. SIX GRAND.

Discount website Voucher Codes Pro surveyed 2,125 Brits aged between 18 and 30. Half of the participants were single, the rest had been in a relationship for a minimum of two years.

The results showed that singles were splashing about £150 a week on average, whereas couples were only shelling out £39 - four times more than those in a couple.

And where is all of this money going? Apparently, singles are making it rain when it comes to nights out, takeaways and restaurant food.

So now we're not only getting less sex 'afterglow' than our coupled-up friends, we've also got less money. YAY.

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