Including this Game of Thrones reference on your dating profile will apparently increase your odds

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  • 'When you play the Game of Thrones, you win or you die'

    Game of Thrones season eight is officially here and it’s about time. We’ve only waited two years!

    It’s hardly surprising therefore that the HBO show’s long-awaited return has divided the nation into viewers and non viewers (who have a lot more time).

    For GoT fans, there’s no better time to bond, with hours spent dissecting the latest theories of what’s to come in Westeros and predicting which character will end up on the iron throne.

    And seeing as most of the world is obsessed with the series, GoT quotes seem to be a failsafe way to make friends right now.

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    It also helps in dating it seems, with dating service Zoosk via Mashable, discovering that quoting the HBO show right now could hep you get more matches.

    Yes, really. After looking into 375,454 messages, they have found some interesting insights, and after seeing the results, you will want to pepper your profiles with GoT quotes whether you watch the show or not.

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    But what exactly should we be quoting?

    Well, according to Zoosk, mentioning the Red Wedding is your best chance at getting a match, reportedly increasing your response rate by 376 percent.

    Other sure-fire wins are mentioning Tyrion, increasing the chance of a response by 165 percent and Hodor (maybe a ‘hold the door’ quote) getting you 120 percent more messages.

    The phrase ‘Winter is coming’ will apparently increase your response rate by 79 percent and quoting Jon Snow in general will up your chances by 43 percent.

    Well, that’s all the proof we need.

    Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re off to update our profiles.

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