Does your other half's name make the 'best husband' list?

What's in a name? An excellent life partner, apparently


What's in a name? An excellent life partner, apparently

Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

We're always hearing stories about baby names. Whether it's the fact that you can't legally give your baby these names in the UK, or that these names are at serious risk of extinction, we'd say we're pretty clued up when it comes to kids monikers.

But what about your name once you're a fully fledged adult? Does it mean anything then? Okay, we've heard that your partner's name determines whether or not they'll cheat - but let's try and focus on the positives. What names do we need to be looking out for if we want other halves who won't stomp on our hearts, and who will actually make great life partners?

Luckily, has determined the names of people who make the best husbands and wives - which is pretty helpful, considering that this is how much a wedding really costs, so now you don't need to fork out for multiple big days to find out.

Here are the men who topped the list:

  1. David
  2. Andrew
  3. Daniel
  4. Paul
  5. John
  6. William
  7. Simon
  8. James
  9. Chris
  10. Stephen

And on the flip side, here are the women that reportedly make the best wives...

  1. Katie
  2. Sophie
  3. Louise
  4. Sarah
  5. Emily
  6. Charlotte
  7. Elizabeth
  8. Amy
  9. Jessica
  10. Lucy

It seems that Marks, Robs and Petes just missed out of the mens category, with Emmas, Nicoles and Graces narrowly landing a spot on the ladies list.

But don't worry if your name doesn't appear on the list. It probably came really close. Probably.

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