According to science you’re actually better off being single

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    For those of you who haven’t uncovered the secret to a prefect relationship and are still swiping away on Tinder frantically looking for the one then fret not, you may actually be better off being single if science has anything to say about it.

    Yes, according to a study from the University of California, being single actually has a whole array of psychological benefits. The study found that single people are more self-reliant and motivated than those who are loved up.

    Singletons are also more like to grow as individuals and reach personal goals far more quickly than those in relationships.

    For the study, Social Psychologist Bella DePaulo analysed 814 studies of both married and single people to come to her conclusion.

    She also found that single people often have better relationships with their parents, siblings, friends and co-workers and that actually those who are married or are in long-term relationships are likely to be more unsociable.

    ‘When people marry they become more insular,’ Bella DePaula said.

    ‘What matters is not what everyone else is doing or what other people think we should be doing, but whether we can find the places, the spaces and the people that fit who we really are and allow us to live our best lives,’ she concluded.

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