This Scandinavian sleep hack is going viral on TikTok, and it's pretty simple

Dreaming of a good night's sleep?

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Struggling to doze off can be extremely frustrating, and if you've spent hours upon hours Googling everything from insomnia treatments to sleep meditation just to make nodding off a little easier, it's likely that you really just want to know how to get to sleep

And when you're sharing a bed with someone else, things get even trickier. Loud snoring, tossing and turning, waking up with approximately an eighth of the duvet because they're a hogger - hardly the recipe for a restful eight hours.

And if you find yourself nodding because your other half is an undeniable duvet thief, this TikTok sleep hack could be perfect for you.

A Scandinavian TikToker took to the social media platform to show how she combats duvet hogging with her partner - and the answer will make you get the best night's sleep ever.

Cecilia Blomdahl shared a video of how she and her partner sleep, with some commenting that the hack was 'life changing'. Wonder how you can sleep the Scandinavian way?

The simple answer is that instead of just one duvet or cover on their double bed, the couple has one duvet each - meaning they can both snuggle up in separate covers, without the fear of waking up cold.


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The TikToker shared the video, which has had over 80k likes and hundreds of comments, explaining how she makes her bed and said in it: “My name is Cecilia and I live on Svalbard, an island close to the North Pole, but I am originally from Sweden. I think the way we do our beds is pretty common in Europe, but it's completely different to America. 

“We have two duvets here," Cecilia explained, as she laid down and showed two duvets, one for her and one for her partner. “I could never live with one,” she added, and then went on to say, as she made the rest of the bed: “Voila, Scandinavian bed is done.” 

Fans of the TikToker commented, with one writing: "I could never share my duvet, it’s a Scandinavian thing." 

Another admitted: "American here that slept with separate bedding for a long time then ordered proper duvet bedding a few years ago. AMAZING."

What's your view? We've never heard of it in the UK, but that doesn't mean to say it's not a clever way to sleep with your partner - especially if you're always the one waking up without any covers! Might even make it easier to get up in the morning when your sunrise alarm clock goes off. 

Tried the TikTok hack but want to know more about your sleep? Try one of these sleep tracking apps to know more about your sleeping patterns and help you get a healthier snooze. 

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