Popular dog names

This is apparently the most popular dog name for 2017

Is your pet’s name on this list?

Selecting a name for a pet is like choosing a name for your child – it’s a big responsibility, and unlike baby names, there isn’t an endless supply of books and advice to help you name your four legged companion.

A recent study by AnimalFriends.co.uk looked into the nation’s favourite pet names, scouring 600,000 records, and the results were actually pretty surprising.

Despite holding the top spot for years, the name Alfie has been knocked out of the number one position for the first time since 2014, now coming third behind the most popular pet names of 2017: Bella and Poppy.

Popular dog names

The study revealed these as 2017’s most popular pet names:

1. Bella
2. Poppy
3. Alfie
4. Charlie
5. Lola
6. Max
7. Teddy
8. Daisy
9. Oscar
10. Buddy
11. Molly
12. Milo
13. Ruby
14. Bailey
15. Tilly
16. Rosie
17. Luna
18. Coco
19. Millie
20. Archie

Popular dog names

The survey went on to analyse the most popular names depending on the animal. For cats, Charlie has come out as the top choice, with Simba, Jasper, Smudge and Willow also proving popular. The dog list, however, included new finds like Barney and Dexter.

Not only did the study determine the most popular pet names for this year, it also revealed the popularity by geography and looked into the cultural references behind the choices.

Bella was the top choice for dogs in London, but Alfie took the top spot up North, dominating Edinburgh, Glasgow and Newcastle.

In terms of pop culture, music certainly seemed to play a key role with the number of animals named after the late pop legends David Bowie and Prince rising significantly after their deaths – with a 573% increase last year.

‘It’s interesting to see that Alfie has been knocked off the top spot in our annual pet names list for the first time in three years,’ announced Westley Pearson, Claims & Marketing Director at AnimalFriends.co.uk. ‘Popular culture is having a huge effect on the names we choose for our furry friends, which gives a good indication of how important film and music is to UK pet owners.’

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