Would you remain in a bad relationship to stay with your pet?

The ultimate would you rather questions

The ultimate would you rather questions

We recently found out the biggest relationship deal breaker for 75% of couples - though if you think that's shocking just wait until you see what the UK's biggest first date turn off is. Seriously, there's no denying we're a nation of fussy daters.

But have you ever stopped to ask yourself why people really stay in a bad relationship?

With apps like Tinder and a world of online dating sites at the tip of our fingers, moving on has never been easier.

Well, a recent study from MORE TH>N pet insurance has revealed that one of the number one reasons most people stay in a bad relationships is for the love of their shared pet. We know, we welled up too.

Yes, the study found that the number one reason couples who had a shared furry friend in friendlier times decided not to go their separate way after all is because they couldn't decide who wouldn't get custody, and wouldn't consider a pet rescue centre as an option.

Another key factor for couples remaining together was a concern for how the animal would feel post-break up, with 14% of pets needing medicating post break-up (insert heartbreak emoji).

The study also found that couples who had made the decision to go their own ways would be 11% more likely to fight for custody of their pet than they would more traditional areas, such as money and shared possessions. And sadly, there is a growing trend in custody battles over pets from failed relationships.

John Ellenger, head of pet insurance at MORE TH>N has said: 'It is true that our beloved pets have never played a more important role in our day-to-day lives. As our study reveals, a number of pet owners will remain in a relationship with a partner in order to prevent their shared pet from experiencing any negative effects from a breakup. It is a testament to the lengths we'll go to protect our pets' emotional wellbeing - even if it means making sacrifices to our own.'