This is the most popular baby name where you live

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  • Spoilers: It's probably Oliver

    While some baby names are at serious risk of extinction, it seems that others are more popular than ever. And while a lot of celebrities around us opt for names that are a lot more original (Bear Payne, we’re looking at you), it seems the vast majority of us like fairly common names for our bouncing bundles of joy.

    Parenting website Bounty and Character Cottages have researched the most popular names in the UK by city, based on over 350,000 babies all over the country, and it probably won’t surprise you to see that the most popular baby names of 2016 feature quite heavily.

    The most popular names in the country as a whole, though are conveniently Oliver for a boy and Olivia for a girl. If your name is on this list you’ll probably get pregnant in 2017, so why not browse the below for inspiration?

    Most popular baby names by city

    Aberdeen – Jack and Sophie

    Armagh – Jack and Emily

    Bangor – Osian and Amelia

    Bath – Jack and Amelia

    Belfast – Jacob and Amelia

    Birmingham – Alfie and Amelia

    Bradford – Oliver and Amelia

    Brighton – Oscar and Evie

    Cambridge – Oliver and Sophie

    Canterbury – Oliver and Poppy

    Cardiff – Jacob and Olivia

    Carlisle – Max and Emily

    Chelmsford – George and Amelia

    Chester – Harry and Chloe

    Chichester – Oliver and Mia

    Coventry – Noah and Amelia

    Derby – Charlie and Olivia

    Derry – James and Emily

    Dundee – Sebastian and Poppy

    Durham – James and Jessica

    Edinburgh – Jack and Olivia

    Ely – Jack and Emily

    Exeter – Jack and Amelia

    Gloucester – Alfie and Amelia

    Hereford – Jake and Poppy

    Hull – Oliver and Emily

    Inverness – Oliver and Olivia

    Lancaster – Aiden and Emily

    Leeds – Jack and Amelia

    Leicester – Charlie and Isla

    Lichfield – Harry and Olivia

    Lincoln – Charlie and Amelia

    Lisburn – Harry and Emily

    Liverpool – Joseph and Isabella

    London – Muhammed and Amelia

    Manchester – Harry and Amelia

    Newcastle  – Charlie and Emily

    Newport – Jacob and Amelia

    Newry Ryan and Grace

    Norwich – Jack and Amelia

    Nottingham – Oliver and Olivia

    Oxford – Jack and Emily

    Perth – Tom and Eilidh

    Peterborough – Jack and Amelia

    Plymouth – Oliver and Lily

    Portsmouth – George and Amelia

    Preston – Oliver and Amelia

    Ripon – Oliver and Amelia

    Salford – Aaron and Isabelle

    Salisbury – Oliver and Chloe

    Sheffield – Jacob and Amelia

    Southampton – Harry and Amelia

    St Albans – James and Olivia

    St Asaph – Osian and Evie

    St David’s – Jacob and Emily

    Stirling – Noah and Ellie

    Stoke-on-Trent – Jacob and Olivia

    Sunderland – Charlie and Amelia

    Swansea – Charlie and Amelia

    Truro – Harry and Amelia

    Wakefield – Thomas and Amelia

    Wells – Oliver and Daisy

    Winchester – Harry and Phoebe

    Wolverhampton – Jack and Lily

    Worcester – Jack and Amelia

    York – George and Jessica

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