Le Creuset releases new ultra violet collection and we're in love

Happy Valentine's day to me

le creuset ultra violet

Happy Valentine's day to me

The ASOS SUPPLY homeware collection launched this month, and we've never been more grateful for premiere delivery (and Klarna, for that matter). From cute elephant trunk hooks to abstract print rugs, there's something for every millennial.

But if you're looking for some proper grown-up kitchenware, your wishlist will undoubtedly include at least one thing from Le Creuset. From their iconic casserole dishes to their signature grillet pans, the colourful brand is absolutely winning when it comes pieces that are both fun and adulting-friendly.

The kitchenware pros have just released Ultra Violet, an 'ultra-vibrant, ultra-gorgeous, ultra-modern' collection that is - you guessed it - all violet. But it's not just any old purple hue, it's 'bold, bright and brimming with attitude'.

le creuset ultra violet

Credit: Le Creuset

Le Creuset said: 'Add vibrancy to your kitchen with Ultra Violet, a new purple inspired colourway that is totally on trend. Sometimes a colour just chimes with the mood of the moment: right now, the shade of our times is Ultra Violet.

'No ordinary purple, it's bold, bright and brimming with attitude. Modern and stylish, it's a cool and confident pop of colour in your home.'

Prices start at £8.50 (bargain), with egg cups, stackable ramekin dishes and handle gloves for less than a tenner. If your budget stretches a little further, you can pick up a grand mug for £17, or a boujie butter dish for £30. Oh, and there's a rather charming purple tea pot for £45 if high tea is your jam.

And if you really want to push the boat out, you can invest in one of the brand's iconic casserole dishes. Price varies depending on size and style, but the most expensive could set you back around £275. Sounds pretty steep but if you consider the cost per use then it's definitely a worthy purchase.

How many weeks until payday, again?

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