Women feel guilt after shopping sprees

Eight out of ten feel shameful splashing out

Shopping, Marie Claire News
Shopping, Marie Claire News
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Eight out of ten feel shameful splashing out

Eight out of ten women are overcome with guilt after a spending spree, a study has revealed. Researchers found that 83 per cent feel shameful after splashing out on new clothes, shoes or accessories. But despite this, women spend an average of £49 per month on themselves. The study of 3,000 people by Skinny Cow iced desserts also found that 86 per cent try and justify every new purchase they make.

A spokesman said: ‘Life at the moment is full of stresses with money being right up there, but it's difficult to break the habit of a lifetime. Going shopping now comes with more baggage so woman are trying to find creative ways to justify their spree while looking to other indulgences in their life which are guilt-free.’

The study of women nationwide between the ages of 17 and 50 revealed one in three now feel more guilty about shopping than they did before the credit crunch.

Half said they had reined in their spending amid the current economic climate, but one in five said it had made no difference to their spending habits. In fact, seven per cent even admitted they now shopped more often - to cheer themselves up amid the doom and gloom.

Many of those who are still finding the time and money to shop are doing so by keeping the full cost of their sprees from their partners. More than one in ten women said they lied to their other half about the bill.

It also emerged it is not only spending money which sparks feeling of regret, the study found three quarters of women are overcome by guilt while they are shopping - often before they have even spent any money.


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