I’m a shopping editor, and these are the tried and tested wellness products I rely on to help me beat the winter blues

From gut-balancing supplements to my favourite sunrise alarm clock.

valeza smiling in a wintery scene after having tried and tested wellness products
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As Marie Claire UK’s Junior Shopping Editor, I’ve seen just about every shoppable product out there. There are certain products I always turn to to boost my energy levels and mood - or otherwise help me to embrace the slower pace of winter by winding down and relaxing.

Whether it’s helping to alleviate the effects of SAD or trying out one of the best workouts for low energy, I have some tried and tested wellness products that never fail to boost my mood and physical health during winter.

Gosia Bowling, National Lead for Mental Health at Nuffield Health names ‘switching off’ as one of the most effective ways to beat the January blues. She states: “for many of us, gluing ourselves to the TV and endlessly scrolling social media only fuels feelings of anxiety. We’re bombarded with bad news and angry opinions and this takes its toll on our mental health.”

She continues, “while it’s important to stay updated with news that impacts us, we need to know when to take a step back. Check a trusted news site once in the morning and evening to catch any important updates but try to avoid your phone and switch off the TV for the rest of the day.” I, for one, am definitely guilty of Netflix-bingeing and doom-scrolling before bed, and there are certain products that help me to relax, switch off and unwind instead. 

So in the spirit of wellness, I thought I’d share the tried and tested mood and health-boosting products that genuinely help to get me through the winter blues. Keep scrolling to shop them for yourself.

Tried and tested wellness products that help boost my mood and energy levels:

Tried and tested wellness products that help me wind down and relax: