Wife stands by poison abortion doctor

Doctor convicted of spiking drinks of pregnant lover

Lowri Phylip - World News - Marie Claire
Lowri Phylip - World News - Marie Claire
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Doctor convicted of spiking drinks of pregnant lover

The wife of a doctor found guilty of poisoning his pregnant lover's orange juice to try to induce an abortion, has said she will stick by him.

Dr Edward Erin, 44, has been found guilty of spiking his lover Bella Prowse's drinks with abortion-inducing drugs, after finding out she was pregnant.

Erin's wife, Lowri Phylip, described the verdict at the Old Bailey as a 'miscarriage of justice' and insisted she still cared for her husband. 'It is the worst day of my life,' she said.

She is sticking by him despite several previous affairs, and a bizarre double life, where even his closest colleagues didn't know he was married.

The couple have two children and also run a property business in West London.

Dr Phylip said during the trial that she knew about her husband's mistresses and 'tolerated' them, reports the Times. 'We are not like a couple doing everything together,' she said. 'We always had separate lives but we loved each other.'

Ms Prowse was Erin's secretary and they started an affair after the Christmas party as St Mary's Hospital, London, where they both worked, in 2007.

When Ms Prowse fell pregnant four weeks later, he pleaded with her to have an abortion and said he loved her and they could have children in the future.

After she refused, she discovered powder in her drink, and went to the police.


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