Rewiring your brain for positive change: Hypnotherapy

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  • If you want to make a change in your life, hypnotherapy may be the answer. One Marie Claire reader explains how hypnotherapy helped turn her life around after divorce.

    A lot of traditional therapy sessions I have been to tend to rake up the past,  personally I can think of better ways to spend an hour of my life which doesn’t involve sitting on a couch.  Can we ever truly be free from past experiences by talking about them over and over? 

    After my divorce (yes, it totally sucked) I thought the right thing to do would be to visit a therapist for some advice. What did I do wrong? Could I have salvaged it?  I hoped to unpick my 12-year relationship and come out the other side wiser about any future partner choices. It started out ok… we started to talk about everything over and over. It wasn’t until one day about 3 months in when my therapist announced – very proudly I might add,  ‘I’ve had some patients who have been coming to me for 6 years and they are still learning to cope with past experiences.’ That was my last straw. Suddenly it seemed like I had gone from one toxic relationship to another. I quickly made an excuse, got up, left, and never booked another appointment with her again.

    Who in their right mind would actually want to spend 12 years in a relationship and then another 6 years in a relationship with a therapist talking about what went wrong in the first place? That sounded ridiculous to me, I’d wasted enough time in a marriage that wasn’t right – there was no way in hell that I was going to spend another 6 years talking about why it went wrong! I needed action, a plan – I wanted to feel better and fast. 

    I’d started to do some research about hypnotherapy and found that it can provide real tools for positive change. So how does it work? Memories, habits and patterns are stored in our subconscious minds similar to how you will always remember how to get dressed. However, they can play havoc when those learnings are less than positive hence unhealthy relationships or bad habits form as we get older. I chose hypnotherapy as I wanted to break the cycle of negative thinking and move forward after my divorce. 

    I turned to Julia Daley, a leading hypnotherapist near me. It’s best to choose someone you connect with,  I found her warm, positive and really unlike the therapist I had been to previously, had her shit together both mentally and physically. She is also a kick-ass yoga teacher. She explained to me that hypnotherapy works by achieving a deep relaxation during which positive suggestions are absorbed into the subconscious mind. It is possible to tap into the imagination, to remember and release past experiences. Just as a vivid dream can evoke emotions that feel real, hypnotherapy can use our imagination and subconscious mind to change the way we think, feel and behave or simply to relieve stress and anxiety, which we all know is the bane of modern life.

    ‘Stuck in a rut? Unhappy? You can be free of limiting thoughts, cycles and actions. Hypnotherapy can help you to retrain your mind and so enhance all aspects of your life’ 

    Her ethos and the basic building blocks of hypnotherapy are to create a calming, relaxed and confident mindset. Creating this positive foundation acts as a pillar for change, if you by definition are calm, relaxed and confident you can’t be anxious, stressed or depressed. 

    So did it work? Ultimately yes, for me it worked. I’ve managed to move forward in myself a lot quicker than traditional talking therapy alone. Hypnotherapy allowed me to change my attitude towards how I deal with past experiences and Julia gave me different coping mechanisms to deal with whatever life throws at me. Is life still as stressful as before? Hell yeah, but I do find that I react in a different way to challenging circumstances, things don’t agitate me in the same way they used to. This comes from having a calmer mindset.  

    If you are interested in speaking to Julia about helping you change your mindset with hypnotherapy you can contact her for a confidential chat. The first appointment includes an initial consultation, some treatment and costs £110, each subsequent session costs £100, for all Marie Claire readers she is offering a discount of 10% when quoting the code MC10

    Julia’s motto is to help patients make positive changes using proven techniques for quick and effective lasting results. Don’t expect to spend too long sitting on her couch…

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