The 10 most common dreams - And what they really mean

Oh, the strange goings-on in your mind...

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Oh, the strange goings-on in your mind...

Surely it can't just be us who wake up at least once a week having experienced strange dreams - and spend the whole day thinking about what it all means.

Dreams are a complex psychological necessity, and whether or not you remember your dreams, everyone has around five dream episodes a night, which can last between 15 and 40 minutes and which process our unconscious thoughts, reflecting our worries, beliefs and hopes.

With seven billion people on a planet, we create a whopping 25 billion dreams every 24 hours - so it's no wonder that decoding the mysterious goings-on in our minds is important to us. Symbols in dreams are presented metaphorically - meaning that it's a job for your conscious to figure out what it all means once you wake up.

While obviously there is no concrete way of determining what a dream is really about, the team at Dreams have enlisted the help of sleep experts to explain our what most common dreams often mean.

Scroll through our gallery above to find out the meaning behind some of the most common dreams - including teeth falling out, being naked in public and being chased.

There are also explanations for dreaming about being unable to find a toilet, being unprepared for an exam and flying, as well as falling, being in an out-of-control vehicle, being late and finding an unused room.

While we've definitely all had at least a couple of these dreams on occasion, we want to know what dreaming about falling out with a friend, being pregnant and having superpowers mean, because we have these constantly, and have no idea what the significance is.

Which dreams you find yourself having over and over again? Do you agree with the explanations above? Let us know @marieclaireuk

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