Does A High Fat Diet Really Work?

The High Fat Diet lets you eat a lot of cheese. What's not to like? We put it to the test

high fat diet
high fat diet

The High Fat Diet lets you eat a lot of cheese. What's not to like? We put it to the test

This is like Atkins, right? 

Sort of, but it’s more carefully tailored than the original high-fat, high-protein diet. The basis is the same though, which is to stabilise your insulin levels by ditching carbs and sugar, and switching the body into a fat-burning mode called ketosis. 

Ok, tell me more. 

The High Fat Diet was created by Zana Morris – a personal trainer, yoga teacher and nutritional therapist – and health and fitness journalist Helen Foster.

Does it mean I can just eat cheese? 

Not entirely. While the original Atkins diet lets you basically eat lard with a side of lard, The High Fat Diet focuses your meals around carefully planned ratios of protein and fat, using foods such as meat, fish, cheese or eggs accompanied with avocados, walnuts, macadamia nuts, cream cheese, cream and butter. You can have small portions of green or white vegetables too. Lucky you!

Can I still drink on it? 

Absolutely not. Alcohol, carbs, fruit and any other vegetables are off the menu.

Tester’s verdict: 

"I tried this for three weeks. The excess pounds literally fell off, and I saw the results fast. However, I also lost my social life from not being able to eat out easily or drink. There were some initial side effects, too – fatigue, light-headedness, irritability and a constant film of oil coating my mouth for the first two weeks. After this though, your body eventually adjusts and you lost your craving for carbs and sweet treats. I’d do the diet again, but for a short period of time before a holiday – it’s just too unsociable to follow long term."

Debi Simpson, fashion assistant


Quick weight loss, filling foods and healthy fats are allowed – so it’s great if cheese is your vice.


The initial carb-detox symptoms, preparation time for meals, difficulty eating out or being able to drink.

How much weight was lost in three weeks? 

"I lost 8lb in all, but it was pretty tough."

Get involved: The High Fat Diet: How to Lose 10lb in 14 Days (£7.99, Vermilion).

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