Would you try the boob job that takes just half an hour?

The half-an-hour 'out to dinner' breast enlargement surgery

A boob job in your lunch hour? Tell us more...

These days, there are so many cosmetic treatments available to us that take less time than an episode of your favourite soap. Whether you're a fan of lip fillers or are partial to a touch of Botox, it can be extremely quick compared to ten years ago.

But would you consider getting a boob job if it only took 30 minutes?

Women who have their breasts enlarged could soon have the treatment done in half an hour - and go out to dinner on the same night.

Texan plastic surgeon, John Tebbetts, is described the operation, which can be done with very low levels of anaesthetic, at the annual meeting of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, John explained: 'After the surgery we tell the women to go home and have a little nap, then get up after two hours, wash their hair, which helps them stretch their muscles, then go to dinner.

'Between 80 and 85% of our patients go out on the evening of their surgery.'

Marketed as the 'out to dinner' enlargement, surgeons take precise measurements of the breast in advance, so exactly the right size implant is put in.

Patients are promised they won't have to wear a special recovery bra, assured no visible bruising will occur and advised that they will probably be able to resume normal activities the following day.

Well, we do have an hour to kill at lunch...

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