Sunbathing may help you live longer

Safe exposure to sun may cut risk of heart disease and diabetes

woman sunbathing, health news, marie claire
woman sunbathing, health news, marie claire
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Safe exposure to sun may cut risk of heart disease and diabetes

Spending time in the sun may reduce the risk of contracting heart disease or diabetes, and increase longevity, according to new research.

Sunshine is the principal source of vitamin D, which protects against metabolic disorders that can lead to heart disease and diabetes.

The research, by Warwick Medical School, focused on people over 50, who are more likely to be deficient in vitamin D due to the ageing process.

The researchers discovered that the more time older people spend in the sun, the more efficient their skin becomes at synthesising vitamin D.

"We recommend that older people spend between 5 and 30 minutes, twice a week in the sun to have the desired effect," said Dr Oscar Franco, who led the research, reported in the Telegraph.

"The impact of sunlight is still the same if people use a sunscreen which is factor 8 or less – so people can still look after their skin.

"This research could possibly save millions of lives as long as people eat right, and exercise as well as spending time in the sun."


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