Snorers burn up to 2,000 calories a night

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  • The most annoying of habits may aid weight loss

    It might be the biggest bug bear for people up and down the country, but heavy snorers could burn off more calories than sound sleepers, claims a new study.

    The most frustrating sleeping habit of them all, scientists say that the more acute the snoring, the more calories the patient burns off.

    Apparently, the weight loss is down to the increased activity in a sufferer’s nervous system, brought on by the noisy habit.

    After analysing 212 patients who all snored regularly, the most severest of snorters burnt off a whopping 2,000 calories while resting every day.

    Lighter breathers still burned off a significant amount, on average expending 1,600 calories, according to the study.

    But before you bung your nose and encourage the habit to lose Christmas pounds, experts have been quick to highlight the problems that snoring can induce.

    Sufferers can gain weight, despite burning calories, as research leader Eric J Kezirian explains: ‘First, sleep-disordered breathing often results in fatigue and other (changes) in daytime functioning that can limit physical activity.

    ‘Second, this (study) does not specifically incorporate the emerging evidence that suggests that sleep-disordered breathing may alter energy intake, whether through hormonal or other mechanisms.’

    He added: ‘Future research considering the effect of sleep-disordered breathing on body weight can include the effects on energy intake and expenditure.’

    Across Britain, around 16% of middle-aged men and 7% of women are blighted with the problem. The typical snorer is generally male, overweight and has smoked in the past.

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