These sleep aids will change the way you snooze forever

Because a little help can go a long way

Sleep aids come in many forms, and depending on the cause of your sleeplessness the best remedy will differ from person to person. Those suffering from chronic sleep conditions such as insomnia, sleep apnea or sleep deprivation may require medication to help them relax, whereas various therapies are suggested for anyone suffering from sleep anxiety or sleep paralysis.

With so many options to chose from, it’s not surprising so many people are not sure which sleep aids are right for them. Here are the most common, and why they might benefit you…

Sleep Apps

sleep aids

If you’re suffering from sleepless nights, it might be worth trialling a good sleep app so that you can see whether there are any patterns of restlessness during the course of the night. They can also work as a perfectly timed alarm clock with many of them waking you up at the right time during your sleep pattern, ensuring you don’t feel groggy when you get up.

Sleeping Pills

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Although they are not a long-term solution, sleeping pills can help to dull the symptoms of a bigger problem. Serious sleep conditions can really impact your health and day-to-day life so many choose over-the-counter or prescription sleeping pills as a temporary solution.

Sleep Therapy

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Having insomnia, sleep apnea or generally bad sleep hygiene can not only lead to exhaustion but to depress, too. Cue sleep therapy. Therapy around sleep, from cognitive behavioural therapy to X, is all about offering support and solutions to those challenged by sleep deprivation.

Sleep Masks

sleep aids

Audrey Hepburn’s Holly Golightly is a style icon for many reasons – the chic updo, the chunky pearls, the sleeveless LBD. But one of the most searched for items of the fictional character’s wardrobe is, in fact, her sleep mask. But where can you find a sleep mask that combines functionality with style? Right here in our in-depth gallery of sleep masks.

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