This is how much sleep you need according to your star sign




We already know that this is the luckiest star sign, and that this is deemed the most intelligent star sign (proof is in the Nobel Prize winners, okay?) - but does your star sign have an impact on how much sleep you should be getting?

Apparently, the answer is: yes.

Australian bedding company BedThreads has explained how much sleep you actually need, whether you're Capricorn or Cancer.

Those who need the most sleep are Taurus, Libra and Pisces. But if you're Aries or Virgo you can easily get by on just six hours kip.

So let's see which star signs need the most shut-eye, and who can keep going on as little as possible...


Aries like to get as much done in the day as they can, meaning that they can get by on the bare minimum six hours a night.


Heavy sleepers and lovers of a lie in, a Taurus can easily clock in up to nine hours of sleep a night.


Two sides of the same coin, they're either cruising by on six hours, or snoozing for nine.


They love their warm, cosy bed, and can nod off for up to eight hours at a go.


Leos may find that their sleep pattern is disrupted if they're on their own, but when they're 'spooning their partner or curled up with a best friend' they're more likely to catch the z's.


Similarly to Aries, they can get by on barely any sleep due to the fact that they're busy perfectionists who see sleep as 'a barrier to getting stuff done'.


Libras should aim for seven to eight hours of sleep a night so that they can fully recharge.


They find it hard to nod off, but once they do they can enjoy a full night's kip.


It's low on the priority list for Sagittarius, apparently, but sometimes more shut eye is necessary, meaning that they can function on as little as five or six hours - but their ideal figure is eight.


They need their rest, making eight hours the perfect amount of time for Capricorns.


'Always on', Aquarius will average about six hours but will squeeze in seven or eight whenever they can.


'They’re the dreamers of the zodiac so it’s not surprise that Pisces need their sleep the most.' They're getting their eight hours, no matter what.

Jadie Troy-Pryde
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