Do You Let Your Pet Share Your Bed? Well, Great News: It's Good For Your Health

We approve of all scientific research into this area

We approve of all scientific research into this area

Do you let your dog sleep on your bed? Then you're in luck, because new research suggests that it's actually good for your health. 

Research from America's Mayo Clinic shows that people who sleep with their cat or dog feel more safe and secure.

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In the study, researchers surveyed 150 people about their sleep habits and their pets. They found that over half of those surveyed shared their bedroom with a pet - but only 20% reported being woken up by their furry friends in the night.

Conversely, 41% said that having their pets in bed helped them sleep better by making them feel more safe, relaxed and secure.

Those who slept alone were the biggest advocates of sleeping with a pet, with the Daily Mail noting that one 'single 64 year old woman commented that she felt more content when her small dog slept under the covers near her feet'.

Couples aren't immune to the charms of a snoring pet, either, with one married women calling her two dogs 'bed warmers' and saying she liked her cat to sleep on her chest as it was 'soothing'.

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‘Many pet owners view companion animals as family members that they wish to incorporate into as many aspects of their life as possible,’ the authors of the study wrote. 

'Because humans spend considerable time sleeping, a pet owner's desire to have animals close at night is understandable. As more households include multiple pets, the challenge of securing appropriate sleeping arrangements is increased.’

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