Quarter of men embarrassed about their bodies

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  • Quarter of men too embarrassed to strip off in front of partners

    UP TO A quarter of men feel so self-conscious about their bodies they hate stripping off in front of their partners, a new survey suggests.

    It seems the tide has now changed and it is men as much as women who compare themselves to adverts on TV and in the pages of magazines.

    Of 3,000 British men surveyed by UK scales manufacturer, Tanita, half described themselves as fat, and one in ten said he would think about cosmetic surgery to get rid of unwanted love handles.

    A huge 72% admitted the toned physiques of gym bodies in the media made them feel insecure about their own, less sporty looks.

    Brenda Baltimore, president of the Association of Fitness Instructors, said: ‘For a while now women have been under the impression that the ‘perfect’ look involves having a figure like a stick insect.

    ‘It seems that notion is now spreading to men too. I would suggest lots of guys aren’t happy with how they look – when in fact they probably look fine.

    She added: ‘There is too much pressure on men to look perfect now.’ And just to prove it, the survey also revealed that men who are unhappy with their looks have found the perfect solution: lying. One in five admitted telling porkies about their weight or waist size.

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