Prestigious Private School Allows Plastic Surgeon To Give Talk To Female Students

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  • Roedean School defends itself after allowing top surgeon Marc Pacifico to speak to girls about surgery

    A top Sussex private school allowed a plastic surgeon to speak to female students, causing controversy.

    Roedean invited surgeon Marc Pacifico to speak to students about cosmetic surgery as part of a series of career talks last November.

    However, last week the Telegraph newspaper described the talk as giving the girls a lesson in ‘how to make the most of their bodies’, sparking negativity on Twitter.

    For example, one user, Miranda Leach, wrote ‘RT @TeachTalks Top public school Roedean asks cosmetic doctor to give girls talk about surgery. dear god :-‘ [sic]

    Speaking to the Huffington Post UK, Pacifico, who owns a cosmetic surgery clinic in Kent and works in NHS reconstructive surgery, said: ‘I was speaking about the history and the breadth of plastic surgery. I concentrated on the use of plastic surgery on pilots and soldiers during World War Two and what range of treatments were available. I also spoke about complex breast cancer reconstruction.

    ‘It was quite interesting to see the Telegraph article and how they portrayed it.’

    Rodean later released a statement saying: ‘The school has a long history of ties to science and medicine in particular, so we invite a range of people in to inspire the girls in their careers.

    ‘The talk focused on reconstructive surgery, in particular.’

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