People with these names are usually fitter and enjoy the gym more

What's in a name? Your fitness, apparently

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What's in a name? Your fitness, apparently

You might be sceptical that your name has anything to do with, say, whether you'll get pregnant in 2017 or your level of fitness.

But recent research suggests that your name could dictate how much of a gym bunny you are.

People called Laura or James are much more likely to maintain a hardcore gym regime than any other name, according to Fitness First.

The gym company looked at five years' worth of customer membership history to work out who loves working out the most.

On average, Laura will spend 26% more time in the gym a week than any other girl, and will do at least two high-intensity work outs.

Laura also spends an average of two and a half hours each visit working out – and is more likely to work out on Sunday evenings, and even Christmas Eve.

James, on the other hand, spends 24% more time in the gym than his competitors, and he's usually there on a Friday night.

So what about those of us who aren't so great at sticking to a gym regime? Women called Carly are the most likely to join the gym and then quit after about three sessions over a period of four months.

Larry is only motivated to go to the gym in January and September, going AWOL for the rest of the year, while Michael spends 50% of his 90 minutes in the gym socialising instead of actually doing exercise. Come on, Michael.

The full lists of names are below – and we can't help noticing there are a lot of Olympic athletes with these names...

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