Why we mourn dogs in the same way that we mourn humans

Science has the answer

mourning dogs

Science has the answer

If you've ever had a dog, you'll know that the love for your fur baby is real. You're excited to get home to sit with them on the sofa to watch the telly, your hobbies include showing the most hilarious dog snaps to your friends (that time his paw was placed so perfectly on his side. The cuteness!) and you're not mad when your pooch is acting needy and needs constant attention.

In fact, a lot of people would say they prefer their pet over their pals.

And now science has proved that when your dog passes away, the devastation and pain we feel is the same as when someone we know dies.

As if we needed more proof that dogs are really an integral part of family, research in Evolution and Human Behaviour shows that the relationship we have with a pet is just as strong as those we have with other humans - and they leave us more emotionally satisfied.

As reported by Pretty52, this could explain why when we are forced to wave goodbye to our furry friend it's just as heartbreaking as when we lose a loved one.

mourning dogs

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Interaction with a dog can 'cause pet owners to derive more satisfaction from their pet relationship than those with humans, because they supply a type of unconditional relationship that is usually absent from those with other human beings.'

Explains why some people would rather spend time with their pets over their pals.

Essentially, it means that when your dog passes away, you would be just as emotional as you would be when a human does.

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